Tabbed and decorated dividers for the Mini Malden

When I bought the lovely mini pencil for my lovely Mini Malden, I was quite annoyed, that the pencil and the loop were “heavily interfering” with the tabbed dividers. In this town, there’s simply not enough room for both of them. I even had a little Skype meet up with Steve, where we compaired the sizes of our minis, using the computer cameras and a calliper. That was the funniest part about it! So I thought there must be a way of creating tabbed dividers with the tab on top, just like the day marker. And here’s how it goes.

I decided the dividers should be two photos from my favourite “L” towns: London and Lisbon. I printed the photos from the computer to photo paper (170g), 10 by 15 cm, or 4 by 6 inches. Note on the following pictures, that the print is on the front and the backside!

So, what else did I use to create the dividers: adhesive transperent paper (just in case to protect the print out), a ruler, a pencil, a cutter, and of course a punch. And, I sadly have to admit, one of the more important tools are glasses…

First, I cut two sheets from the adhesive paper and “wrapped” the photos in it. Then I cut away those parts of the photo which I don’t want to appear on the divider.

I measured the total heigth of the divider by using the day marker.

Just in case, I marked the holes at the places where they definitely should be.

Those little black spots make a perfect mark. Now, here came my big problem. What I did not take into account, was the holes of the Pocket and Personal being much bigger than the ones in a Mini. I tried it anyway, and the result might not be perfect, but it works fine with the dividers. I certainly would not use it for regular refills…

After that, I cut the edges on top and at the bottom to create the tab. They have the same shape and size as the page maker, or any other Filofax tab.

Here yo can see the comparison of day marker, my self-made tabbed divider, and the formerly used post-it index marker.

This is how it looks when you open the divider…

…and this is the back side of the divider. As I mentioned above, I printed the back side as well. But I used a mirrored version of the original photo, so you can see the same details. This tab is placed in the middle of the divider.

I did the same with a second photo, this time from Lisbon…

…and the tab is placed on the outside.

The reason for printing on both sides is quite simple: when you open the Filofax at the divider, you will either see the printed front, or – most frequently – the empty back side. I have found this a bit too boring, since I tried to decorate the dividers in my Personal Hamilton.

Now I have three sections: diary, and two different sections for taking notes. Since I only use the Mini Malden as my accounting Filofax, this is mostly all I need. If I should need some more dividing, the post-it indexes will still be working fine.

So, if you have lovely photos to make use of in your Filofax, go ahead!

31. Juli 2011 von Tommes S.
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  1. Hi Thomas,

    I enjoyed your posts on Philofaxy and have followed the link to your blog :)

    I must ask you: did some hairy Irishman tell you that “Feidhlófaics” is the Irish for Filofax?

    Hope all is well with you.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Gerard,

    glad you liked it.

    Actually, it was an Irish boyfriend of someone on Twitter, I sort of stole it from there. I don’t know if he is hairy though ;-)

    Hope you are doing well too!

    Best regards, Thomas

  3. Tommes – These are BEAUTIFUL dividers! I love your idea….I will look into doing something similar on my Personal! Vielen Dank für die Idee!

  4. Hi Ellie,

    glad you like it too. I’ve printed some b&w images on the original dividers of my Personal. They fit into the printer, and you can easily make a template.
    Viel Spaß und gern geschehen!


  5. Hi there, I had the same problem with the tabs in my mini Malden too. I carefully cut off the pen loop and sewed it back on the other way around so that it was facing outwards. It is still not ideal, but it is a bit better! I wonder if it is particularly Maldens that have this problem- I have lots of other minis that are fine. Otherwise I love it!

  6. Thomas, what a brilliant idea! Like many people, I have lots of photos just residing on my computer & they would make great dividers. When I blog about the finished product I will give credit to yourself :)

  7. Hi Ros,

    I was looking it up. It generally is a great idea, but I’m afraid, re-sewing the loop wouldn’t make any difference. It’s absolutely thight to the inserts – no space for tabs on this side… Maybe it’s a Malden problem.

    Thank you for your kind comment, Thomas

  8. Hi Anita,

    I’m glad you like the idea! I’m looking forward to seeing your’s! :-)

    Best wishes, Thomas

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  10. This is a great idea! Your mini Malden is so cute although I know men don’t like cute things! hehehe :-)

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  12. Hey Thomas,

    These are brilliant! I actually have the larger version of your Malden…mine’s a Pocket sized one, so I don’t have the same problem with the pen loop, but I liked the way your photo dividers looked so much that I actually replaced all my dividers with ones similar to yours…and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them, so thank you very much for sharing your idea!


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  14. Hi Rachel,

    I’m glad you liked the idea and could adopt it for you!!!

    Kind regards, Thomas